Showcasing your merchandise is key to capturing your target market’s attention.  Our earthy wood stands, with their rich warm grains, have an eye-catching, and understated elegance.  The soft and subtle variances in hue sets the perfect background canvas for eco-friendly, handcrafted or culinary related products.  Let us custom craft you a stand to present your product in a professional manner that truly represents you.

Wood Merchandising Display Stand, Custom Crafted by Demode
Birch Wood Merchandising Display Stand. Crafted to showcase the raw small batch honey from Mountain Falls.
2 Tier Product Display Stand in Birch Wood crafted by Demode
Birch Wood Multi Tier (2) Product Display Stand crafted to showcase the beverage wares from a local coffee roaster “Science of Coffee”.
Product Display Stand, Wood
Product Display Stand in Birch Wood. This stand was custom crafted to showcase the handcrafted beaded bracelets of Africa Ignite.
Wood Merchandise Display Stand
Wood Merchandise Display Stand, custom crafted to display the hand-made wire key tags from Africa Ignite.
Custom Wood Souvenir Display Stand
Custom birch wood souvenir stands displays eco-friendly crafts like hand-beaded bracelets and whimsical wooden key chains.
Custom Wood Merchandising Display Stand
Custom whimsical shark refrigerator magnets are merchandised on our birch product display stand. These souvenirs were designed and handcrafted by Demode for SharkLife in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


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