IN-ROOM SIGNAGE, custom engraved in wood

SMALL WOODEN SIGNAGE – Some things just have to be said, making sure your sign captures the attention of your reader is step one in communicating that statement.  The natural beauty of wood is eye-catching, making it the perfect canvas for your engraved message.

We can engrave free standing or wall mounted signs in a variety of sizes and woods.  You may provide us with vector artwork for engraving, or our talented in-house graphics crew can work with you to develop a sign that speaks your message in a manner as unique as your property.

No Smoking Sign engraved on Birch Wood with a Bamboo stand
“No Smoking” Sign engraved on Birch and set on Bamboo. This sign is free standing, the wood lends itself well to a rustic and earthy lodge or restaurant decor.
Luxury resort custom walnut wood signage
Wood wall mounted sign, custom engraved on walnut. This sign was created for and blends beautifully with the luxury decor of Alphonse Island Resort.
Rustic Oak Wood Employee Wash Hand Sign Humorous
Oak wooden sign custom engraved with Employees Must Wash Hands, a rustic and humorous way of saying what needs to be said.
Wood Conserve Water Sign for Eco-Friendly Lodge
For many eco-lodges, water conservation is essential. Inform and invite your guests to join your conservation efforts with these appealing wooden signs.
Conserve Water Hang Up Towel Sign in Wood
Encourage guests to reuse their towels with this eco-conscience water conservation sign beautifully engraved on maple and walnut wood for a South African Zulu Safari Lodge.
Eco Friendly Lodge Septic Tank Wood Sign
This informative septic tank sign advises guests at an African Safari Lodge how to care for their eco-friendly septic system in a rustic engraved wooden sign.
Ornate Antique Custom Wood Door Sign
This ornate wood door sign was created with a combination of birch and walnut. For in-room or out door use, it blends beautifully with an antique or victorian decor.

Please contact us in South Africa at +074 133 7446 or, we look forward to crafting something special for you.

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