Many resorts, B&B’s and boutique hotels are looking for creative “Do Not Disturb” door signs that truly reflect their uniqueness and spirit.  At démodé, that’s our area of expertise.  Our bespoke “Do Not Disturb” or “Make Up Room” door hangers are crafted from your choice of wood, and custom engraved with your images and text.  We walk with you through every step of the design process to ensure an end product that is as one of a kind as your property.

Wooden "Do Not Disturb" Door Signs
Wooden “Do Not Disturb” door signs, custom crafted from Birch ply. These door hangers are engraved with “Please Make Up Room” on the reverse side.
Wooden Bamboo Do Not Disturb, Please Tidy Room Door Signs
Boutique Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, and Lodges are often looking for unique wooden touches to add to their decor. Our “Do Not Disturb” signs are functional and a beautiful addition to your rooms.

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