1. out of fashion

It may no longer be the way of the world to produce each item by hand, to use only the noblest of materials, those that are natural to the earth. It may not be the ways of modern manufacturing to pander to every designing detail the client whims, to customise it solely for their fancy. But, these ethics were scripted into our company’s strategic plan, and are the core of our operation. They will not be updated as the times change.

Yes, our operation is démodé and our promise to our clients is that it will never change.
démodé – Fine Craft Wood Products

We create small wooden products, specifically designed to meet your needs. We work in a variety of woods perfect for signage, display units and storage vessels. Contact us at info@demode.co.za to see what our design team can do for you.

démodé | ProFile Creations, Durban, South Africa  | 031 579 4520| orders@profilecreations.co.za