Engraved Awards Plaques & Trophies

Demode can custom design a plaque or trophy for your event in a variety of wood.  Below are a few examples of our work.

Engraved Wood Awards Plaque
Engraved Awards Wall Plaque

This Awards Wall Plaque is engraved on a Maple/Walnut ply wood.  By laser engraving through the light veneer of maple into the dark rich walnut interior, the contrast in text and images is very pronounced.  The maple is framed with a Bamboo backing to add visual contrast and a sturdy thickness to the piece.

Unique Engraved Awards Medal in Wood
Unique Awards Medal in Wood

This Birch engraved awards medal has a unique rustic look.  These medals can be customised with your event logo and text.

Unique Event Engraved Trophy in Wood
Custom Wood Engraved Event Trophy
Unique Awards Trophy in Wood
Coffee Barista Unique Award Trophy

We’d be honoured to design a piece for your event, please email us at info@demode.co.za for a quote request.

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